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CTN Stokvel TV - Here's how it works:

CTN Stokvel TV is the only electronic media which is uniquely
aimed at stokvels.



Over the past 15 years we have developed an intimate relationship with a community which is extremely vital and economically active. Made up of many savings groups, and generically known as "Stokvels", this market segment makes up the majority of black people in our country. Some estimates place funds in circulation there at upwards of R250 billion per annum from a largely unbanked population of earners numbering over 18 million people.

CTN Stokvel TV crews visit the townships for content, film at stokvel groups where we promote clients’ brands and flight the results nationally on our screens. Stokvel TV is available free to the viewer and is normally viewed by groups at a time. Content also includes a commercial soapie which advertises product through drama, and other variety programmes which cover the entire spectrum from cooking to finance. Each insert made has entertainment and educational value in mind. In addition, we carry the news relevant to the South African Council of Churches to enable them to talk to their 26 church denominations where membership runs to over 20 million. We also carry news and events from our affiliate publication, the SUN Stokvel News, which is carried in the Daily Sun, South Africa’s largest newspaper with its readership of over 5 million readers per day.

Our major distribution points are 1800 church congregations affiliated to the South African Council of Churches, and outdoor public viewing points in the townships via the e-Stokini units which provide township billboards and kiosks at the same time.


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