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The Details

Welcome to the exciting world of e-Stokini! - the living billboard which takes your brand to the heart of the townships - and lets you talk to your market FACE to FACE!


e-Stokini' are extremely useful outlets, providing:
- Entertainment daily; CTN Stokvel TV viewed outdoors
- A news stand for daily newspaper and magazine deliveries
- A fast food chicken kiosk - and other township foods
- A public community phone
- Retail kiosks for your brand
- Promotional opportunities face to face with the community

e-stokini provides jobs for the community and excellent marketing opportunities for
brand owners:-

- Strong brand presence and powerful retail outlets for your products
- Humanises your brand and builds brand loyalty
- Your brand is seen to 'give back' to the community
- CREATE JOBS within the community
- Provide basic services
- Provide access to entertainment and information through Stokvel TV
- Provide seating and gathering points to wait for transport, or just "be"
- e-Stokini directly targets each product to the relevant LSM groups which you need to reach
- e-Stokini units establish 'Living billboards" which offer both ad space and user space in the same environment
- e-Stokini completes the "media circle": in one place the customer can see your print campaign (Newspapers and magazines) can view your TV campaign (Stokvel TV) see your outdoor campaign (e-Stokini point)  AND experience your below the line campaign (field promotions)

**e-Stokini means the gathering place! **


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