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What is e-Stokini

CTN Stokvel is viewed
on a loop at each
 e-Stokini unit, together with our normal distribution.



For the marketer, e-Stokini's:

Provide strong brand presence in the heart of the townships and powerful retail outlets for your products.

Humanises your brand and builds strong brand loyalty which is so vital to harness this enormous market.

Associates your brand with most of the positives which influence this market (the brand is seen to "give back" to the community).

Create jobs within the community - entrepreneurial opportunities

Provide basic services within reach of the community - daily bread delivery, milk, newspapers, fast food for emergencies, telephone access.

Provide access to entertainment and information through which music and skills are broadcast side by side - Stokvel TV

Support the church community, enable churched to fund feeding schemes etc. through the hosting of e-Stokini points.

Provide seating and gathering points to wait for transport, or just "be".

e-Stokini directly targets each product to the relevant LSM groups which you need to reach. e-Stokinis are placed only once the population density in your LSM groups have been identified and isolated.

e-Stokini units establish "living billboards" which offer both adspace and user space in the same environment.

e-Stokini completes the "media circle" on adspend: in one place, the customer can see your print campaign (newspapers and magazines), view your TV campaign (Stokvel TV), see your outdoor campaign (e-Stokini point), experience your below-the-line campaign (field promotions)

e-Stokini's make entrepreneurs!


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